Google Docs Tutorials & Advantages of Using Google Docs

What is Google Docs??

Advantages of using Google Docs

Google Docs How To Tutorial (2012)

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Google Drive & Docs (Helpful Tutorial)

All About Google Drive & Docs
Getting Started with Google Drive
Uploading and Syncing Files
Creating Google Docs
Managing your Files
Sharing and Collaborating
Converting and Printing Docs

Common Tasks in Documents

Getting Started with Your Document
Formatting Text and Adding Hyperlinks
Using Indents, Tabs, and Lists
Headers, Footers, and Page Breaks

Doing More With Documents

Working with Tables
Inserting Images
Inserting Text Boxes and Shapes

Google Docs

Overview of Google Docs
Create and Save a Document
Upload a Document
Create a Document From a Template
Edit and Format a Document
Insert a Link
Add a Comment
Insert an Image
Share Your Document With Other People

Atomic Learning (Google Docs)
(login & password required; if you don't know, ask Mrs. Peters)

Registering for gmail

If you have not registered for a gmail account, you will need to at this point.