Vocabulary Words
Find the definitions to the following vocabulary words in reference to Skype. Write them on a sheet of paper and hand them in. Some of the terms may be found here.
Video Converencing
Screen Sharing
contact list
mood message
contact categories
online number
screen sharing
video shapshot
Skype button

Skype Training Videos

How to Make Skype Calls

Skype Information Wiki

Making a Video Call With Skype (YouTube video)

On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions about Skype.

  1. What are the six main uses of Skype?
  2. What is the website to download Skype?
  3. Explain what buttons would be used within Skype to turn up the volume of the person that has been called.
  4. List the mobile devices to which Skype can be downloaded.
  5. Why should a webcam be used with Skype vs. a computer with only a microphone?