Technology in the News!!!

Read the following articles. Complete the activities listed under the article.

1) Ten Skills Every Student Should Learn

The ten skills needed are listed in no particular order. After reading, write each skill down in your notebook and underneath, write why or why not you think that was included in the "Ten Skills Every Student Should Learn". After going though the ten webpages talking about each skill, in your notebook, list the skills in order of importance that you feel with #1 being the most important and #10 being the least important. List any skills that were omitted that you feel might be important enough to add to this list. When completed, send Mrs. Peters an email that you are finished and hand in your notebook.

2) More colleges and employers requesting applicants’ Facebook passwords than ever before

Some employers are asking job appoicants for their Facebook passwords. From the standpoint of the applicant, write how you feel this practice would impact the search for jobs. From the standpoint of the employer, give the reasons why an applicants Facebook page would have a bearing on a company hiring the best possible candidate.

3) Want a scholarship? Watch what you post online

Write a reflection paragraph on your thoughts after reading the above article.